Learn more about your Frizzy Hair OR Curly Hair

What makes hair frizzy?  What makes hair wavy?  What is the best way to make hair frizz free?

Brazilian Gloss is here to offer the answers to these questions.  Many times people think that their hair is made to be frizzy, wavy or curly.  They believe it is in their genes and sometimes think that it can never be made frizz free.  But that is not true.  In reality frizzy hair is frizzy because of many reasons.  The most prominent reason is breakage that occurs in frizzy, wavy, or curly hair.  People tend to be rough on their frizzy, curly hair.  This breakage may be caused by harsh combing patterns or excesive brushing of the hair when wet.

Another possible reason for wavy hair is the lack of required proteins.  The most important protein is known as KeratinKeratin is a substance that constitutes the majority of your hair, and is required for good, healthy, smooth and shiny hair.  Keratin also reduces the damage in your hair and improves hair internal structure and strengthens wavy hair or curly hair and can dramatically straighten your curly hair.  Brazilian Gloss has many products like specialized shampoo, conditioner, and an after treatment masque, that helps you to enrich and restore the keratin in your hair.  Also you can use the  keratin hair straightening treatment to improve the keratin protein in your hair as well as straighten your curly hair and wavy hair.

A good deep moisturizing conditioner in necessary to control frizzy hair and also it is important to leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 3 - 5 minutes before rinsing out.  Moisturizing conditioners are another great way to control frizz but they should be used properly to be most effective.  Here is another helpful hair care tip; use a hot towel to cover your hair after applying conditioner.  This will ultimately maximize the conditioner's effect.  When you apply conditioner over your frizzy hair and cover it with a hot towel, leave it in up to 5 to 10 minutes.  After 5-10 minutes, rinse your hair gently because excessive rubbing leads to more damage to your hair.

Essentially, moisturizing Conditioners with Hot towels is one the easiest way to control frizz.  But there is another long lasting way to eliminate frizzy hair.   Using specialized frizz control products like Brazilian Gloss - Daily Glossing Serum is the most effective way to add shine to damaged hair so it can look effortlessly chic within minutes.  These products are not just a simple shampoo or a normal conditioner, but infact they are designed especially for frizzy hair. The Brazilian Gloss - Daily Glossing Serum has been raved about by clients as the most gentle yet effective serum they have ever used to tame their hair.  You can find what other clients say by reading the Brazilian Gloss Hair Straightening product's testimonials and also by viewing the Before and After pictures, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.