Brazilian Gloss is the leading Brazilian keratin treatment solution. The proof is in our photos and what our clients are saying after they experience the beautiful results.  You can see the amazing effect of Brazilian Gloss; the ultimate keratin hair treatment and product from Brazil, and easily compare the effectiveness of Brazilian Gloss compared to other products for wavy or curly hair. View the photos taken before our keratin hair treatment on the left and photos taken after the treatment on the right.


This client had slightly wavy hair and was looking for a way to tame her frizzy hair. She was tired of using the same old straightening hair products and was looking for a healthy alternative to the daily damage caused by using a blow dryer and flat-iron every day. Now, with her Brazilian Gloss keratin hair treatment, she can even let her hair air-dry, and it looks better than ever!


This client was hoping to get rid of frizzy hair. She had naturally wavy hair before and had just heard about Brazilian keratin hair straightening. After her Brazilian Gloss brazilian hair treatment, she no longer has to straighten her hair on a daily basis. With her keratin treatment, she enjoys receiving lots of compliments on how fantastic her hair looks!


Before keratin hair treatmentafter keratin

An expert on all things related to hair care, Denise was very knowledgeable about the differenct kinds of Brazilian keratin hair treatments on the market and has even tried several of them.  However, after experiencing the luxury of the Brazilian Gloss treatment, she can't imagine trying anything else!  Her hair looks and feels silkier than ever!  A previous Brazilian Blowout customer with brazilian blowout hair, this client who was well-versed in keratin hair straightening was interested in our brazilian keratin treatment. You can see the improvement with Brazilian Gloss! Our brazilian treatment loaded with keratin makes her hair looks smoother and better than ever before!


This salon owner used to spend 20 minutes a day flat-ironing her hair. Now, she hasn't even picked up her flat iron since her Brazilian Gloss treatment! Instead of frizzy hair, she now enjoys smooth & glossy hair every day!  Her hair went from high maintenance to effortless chic!!


Terri was well aware of the popularity behind the Brazilian keratin hair straightening systems. After extensive research for the perfect hair smoothing treatment, she chose Brazilian Gloss due to it's low-heat and instant washout formula. She was also very pleased with the gentleness of our Brazilian Gloss formula. No more eye-sting, and no more frizzy hair -- only beautiful, healthy, glossy hair!