Salon Testimonials

Brazilian Gloss is THE BIGGEST thing in hair care in 10 years!"”
-Kate from Madison Salon.

“Life changing. Truly streamlines a client's morning routine. No more frizzy hair or flatirons!” 
–Darren from Amadeus Studio

“Once our clients try Brazilian Gloss, they never stop coming back.  ” 
-Ella from Salon Trio 

“The most amazing treatment since hair color!” 
-Marbella staff from Marbella Salon & Spa

“Our stylists love Brazilian Gloss so much, they get the treatment themselves.” 
-Catherine from Salon 57 

"As a veteran stylist, I cannot imagine my business without Brazilian Gloss. The treatment actually improves the health of my clients' hair with each application. I am so excited to offer Brazilian Gloss and all of their after care products to my clients."
-Lauren from Salon Urbana

"Brazilian Gloss is absolutely the best. We had been using a formula that had to remain in the client's hair for three days. That is a thing of the past now that we use Brazilian Gloss. The transformations that happen in an hour and a half are amazing! Plus, it does not contain formaldehyde, and smells fantastic. My clients also love the after care products, because they make the treatment last even longer."
-Stuart from Salon Paciica  


Customer Testimonials

"I absolutely love my Brazilian Gloss treatment. I used to spend hours with the blowdryer and flat-iron. Now, I just wash and go!  My hair has never looked better.  Every day is a good hair day for me now."
- Lisa H.

"After my Brazilian Gloss, everyone keeps complimenting at work on how silky and shiny my hair is. A lot of my friends are starting to get the treatment done as well. Now, I know how all these Brazilian Models like Gisele have such amazing hair."
-Stephanie D.

"As a busy mother of three, I don't have the time to straighten my hair every day.  After my stylist recommended Brazilian Gloss, it looks as though I just spent hours doing my hair. My husband loves how soft and glossy it looks (he has never complimented my hair before) and I love how it makes me feel more confident and sexy, everyday."
- Kimberly C.

"Over the years, my hair has become more frizzy. My hair stylist recommended Brazilian Gloss to restore its natural youth.  Now, I have the same soft and silky hair I did when I was younger."  
- Kelly Y.

"My friends say I look 10 years younger!!! Thank you Brazilian Gloss, your product is a miracle."
- Sharon B.

"Being in the modeling industry, my hair has to look perfect everyday.  With Brazilian Gloss, I can wear my hair straight or with curls, but it always has that same beautiful, glossy, frizz free style."  
- Sarah E.