What to expect at the salon:

Find out how Brazilian Gloss, our proprietary keratin hair treatment, works for your frizzy, damaged hair and learn how to get smooth, frizz-free, glossy hair in just 90 minutes.

  1. The first step in the Brazilian Gloss Smoothing Treatment is to shampoo your hair with the Brazilian GlossTM specially formulated Pre-Treatment Shampoo.  This shampoo removes the residual accumulation of oil and environmental buildup to leave the hair clean, natural and in optimum state for the best smoothing results. 

  2. The certified Brazilian GlossTM stylist will then towel-dry your hair and begin dividing it into sections.  The stylist will then apply the Brazilian GlossTM Keratin Smoothing Gloss into each section by dabbing the product onto each section of hair and then combing it into the full length of the hair.  

  3. Enriched with panthenol and keratin, the Keratin Smoothing Gloss actually becomes bonded to the hair shaft through this process.  The Keratin Smoothing Gloss fills in damaged areas of the hair with keratin and forms a protective layer that also acts to smooth and flatten the cuticle, thereby eliminating frizz. 

  4. After thoroughly blow-drying your hair with tension, the stylist will again divide it into sections.  Then, a flat iron will be applied to each section of the hair to further straighten & smooth it and lock in the keratin bond to the hair shaft.   

  5. The stylist will then rinse the hair.

  1. Next, the Brazillian GlossTM After-Treatment Masque will be applied to the hair to assist in smoothing and restructuring the hair shaft.  The hair will then be rinsed again and towel dried. 

  2. As an optional final step, the stylist may apply the Brazilian GlossTM Daily Glossing Serum to further seal the cuticle.  The stylist will then blow dry and style the hair as desired.   

You won't believe how smooth, frizz-free, and shiny your hair can become in only 90 minutes!