Hot and Humid Blues?

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, June 22, 2023

Curly and Wavy hair grows in the heat.  Why?  The moisture in the air absorbs into the dry curly hairshaft and can virtually triple the density of the strand of hair….which is why as the days grow longer, there is more time for your hair to drink up the humidity.

We all know that curly hair is dry. Let me tell you why. Picture a curvy and windy road. Now picture a straight one. How much longer would it take you to drive to the store if you took the windy road VS the straight road?  Getting to the point, your hairs’ best natural conditioner is your scalps’ oils. Straight haired and Keratin Glossed  ladies know that their hair gets greasy fairly quickly (not a bad thing!), and most have to wash/heavily rinsed every day. Picture the curvy road again, it takes 3 times as long for those natural oils to reach those gorgeous strands of yours. In the mean time they are unprotected, dry, and crispy.


The best way to keep your locks lovely, is to shampoo less, condition more! Two to three times a week at most, if your scalp needs a good rinse, then do so. Re-moisturize (our Aftercare Masque twice a week is amazing!), and rinse lightly with tepid water. Keeping a wide tooth comb stashed in the shower to distribute conditioner, and detangle is a great trick to minimizing tangly manes when styling too!


Keep in mind, humidity weakens styling products. You may find that you have a bit of frizz mid-day then late afternoon rolls around….your hair has become twice what it once was. Add a bit of styling product (Daily Smoothing  Serum is incredible) to your palms, emulsify, and add where needed.


For those in between shampoo days, several  styles to try….

Adorable fish tail side braid to keep hair off your neck. Keep it on the messy side for a more current updated look.


Or go for a straight braid down the back. Keep it simple ladies. Not too high.  We want to look chic, not girl-ish.


Hope these tips and tricks help you on your way to a gorgeous summer.
If you would like us to answer any questions, or there is something you would like to see in our blog,
Please email us at [email protected].

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Sizzling Summer Smoooooth.....

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, June 10, 2023

As summer is coming screaming in upon us (trust me, i'm not complaining!), and most of the country is buried in a heat wave, we need to provide tools and tips for our clients to have hair success at home! Battling the frizzies, while humidity is in full force is not fun for most women~who mostly would like to have wash-n-go hairstyles, but instead are stuck blowdrying for 30+ minutes, then flatironing into submission. Only to go outside and find their hair "growing" from curl and frizz in the heat, yet again.
Here at Brazilian Gloss, we of course suggest a Keratin Glossing Treatment. It infuses the hair with keratin (which is largely what hair and nails are made of), and smoothes down the unmanageable cuticle of the hair for less tangling, and a faster drying time!
After providing this service for your client, some helpful suggestions to help keep their luscious locks glossy!

Suggest a regularly scheduled trim appointment. Freshly blunted ends make hair look extra healthy and shiny.

Send them home with Aftercare Masque, it is full of yummy panthenol, strengthening keratin, and delicious silicones and coconut oil moisturizers. Keeping the hair palette thoroughly moisturized is essential to controlling dry, frizzy do's. Tell your customer to rinse with cool-ish water to help seal in the Masque. This will keep the oils and keratin in the hair, as opposed to rinsing it fully out, which is like rinsing off lotion after you've put it on.

When your client is at home, have them squeeze, and pat their hair dry. Rubbing hair roughs up the cuticle layer of the hair. Making it slightly unmanageable. We need all the help we can get, Right Ladies???

Adding a anti-frizz product prior to styling is ideal for controlling thick manes of hair, making them manageable waves or silky tresses. Choosing the right one is essential. Obviously I am biased, but i truly love our Daily Glossing Serum. Let me tell you why. It is enriched with tress softening coconut oil. This is a big beauty buzz word these days, essential oils are huge! You must pick the correct one for your hair! Coconut oil is small molecularly, and is very low density, so it can 'get-into' the hair shaft much easier than say olive oil that has a higher density and larger molecule.Daily Glossing Serum also has added keratin to help your Glossing treatment, not only last longer ladies, but to have added 'smoothing power' to your service! All this without that icky, oily, residue filled tresses. Trust me, only delicious waves for you!

When blowdry styling, only dry the hair 'down' the hair shaft, from roots to ends. Blowing upside down, sideways, etc only created wild manes of madness. We want to smooth that cuticle layer, well that involves taking the time to dry 'down' the hair shaft. If volume is needed in a certain area, use a round brush, wrap 90% dry hair around it, and finish drying while stillblowing with the grain of the hair. Drying hair in this way will keep hair continuously shiny and gorgeously Keratin Treatment Glossy.

If you have any questions on these tips, or need ordering information, Please call us at 855.GET.GLOSS


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All That Glitters

Brazilian Gloss - Thursday, April 14, 2023

Metallics are back and better than ever. They are popping up in the likes of boyfriend blazers in rose gold from 3.1 by Phillip Lim, silver lamay strappy sandals from Urban Outfitters, and these killer gray lamay shorts from Bloomingdale’s.

At first glance, this rose gold jacket seemed tacky. But then you see it on the model and she looks darling. It is all about how you mix and match, however the jumpsuit in the middle, not such a fan. Those sweet silver sandals are a perfect pair to have in the closet for spring/summer.

My favorite things that sparkle would have to be those AMAZING gray shorts. Those are a perfect necessity to replace those jeans you wore all winter. Pair those with a cotton v-neck for lunch with your girlfriends, then switch it up with a while silk blouse for a night out.

And don’t forget to give your hair some extra shine with Brazilian Gloss Daily Glossing Serum to help complete your fabulous look!

(Photos collages from

By Katie Buffington
Public Relations Assistant 

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Show Off Some Flare

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, April 06, 2024

After years of skinny jeans, the high waisted flares are back! This 70’s inspired look is perfect for Spring and Summer. You might be thinking that flares are unflattering and a difficult look to pull off.  But trust me, any high waisted pants, including flares, compliment any body shape!

Finish the look with a pair of wedges or heels, and a shirt tucked in. That way, it can show off that long lean body of yours. 

By Julie Koo
Public Relations Assistant 
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Style Spotlight: Platinum, Short and Sassy!

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, March 16, 2024

Hollywood is going platinum! Recently we have been seeing a hair trend among the stars that consists of losing a lot of inches and a lot of bleach! There are many variations being seen in Tinseltown in the last few years, everyone from Hayden Panettiere, Michelle Williams, and Renee Zellweger to Ashlee Simpson has tried their own versions of this style.

Katharine McPhee, formerly of American Idol, chopped off her gorgeous brunette locks for bleach and a shag last year. This style looks amazing on her because it is very fun and flirty, and the blonde has a cool undertone which works well with her skin tone. This is a great look for summer if you want an effortlessly chic ‘do. 

We all fell in love with Kate Winslet back in ’97 when she played Rose Dawson in Titanic with that long red hair but she has come a long way since then. While she has been a blonde for a while, this brighter platinum is funkier for this newly-single lady. She debuted this look on the April 2011 cover of British Vogue and delivered a knockout with this style!

 Here are more celebrities who have dared this look, which is your favorite??

By Katie Buffingotn
Public Relations Assistant 

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Spring Into This Seasons Hottest Hairstyles

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, March 09, 2024

 Spring is here, and so are the newest trends. As designers showcase their collections, hair trends are on high alert. Lacoste’s sporty yet chic collection had a repeated hair trend of low ponytails and beautiful braids along the hairline. It’s the perfect modern look that can complete any spring outfit. Of course we can’t forget Gucci and their bright new bold colors complimenting the different hues of neutrals in their collection, topping it off with a sleek, extreme side- part low bun. Sophisticated, and stunning.

These simple styles can be easily done, whether you want to dress up for a night out or going out for errands all day, both will be suitable.

Which hairstyle will you be trying this spring?

By Julie Koo
Public Relations Assistant 

cheryl turner
i have an question? i read that you can apply color 2-3weeks after the treatment. what about tinting your hair first/and then immediately after(same day) apply treatment?thank you!

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Lauren Conrad- From Laguna Beach to Hollywood Designer

Brazilian Gloss - Thursday, February 24, 2024

We all remember watching Lauren “LC” Conrad live a life full of drama when she stared in her reality show Laguna Beach in 2004 and then made her move to Hollywood on The Hills. I think it is safe to say she has made such an amazing transition from a bleach-blonde Laguna girl to a chic fashion designer. And her hair has seen the most change! Lauren consistently alters her hair one way or another every few months and every little tweak she makes, she looks more amazing. Personally I am a big fan of her spiral waves and dark hair. It really brings out her features. With her new contemporary line, Paper Crown, launching in stores soon and her best-selling books on book stands now, this girl is unstoppable. Can’t wait to see what she does next and how her hair transforms again!

By Taylor Fountain
Public Relations Manager 

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Isla Fisher Returns With A Bang

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, February 16, 2024

Finally the beautiful Isla Fisher comes out from hiding! After taking time off from the spotlight, Fisher stepped out Monday night for the premiere of her new film Rango, starring Johnny Depp. Fisher didn’t disappoint, looking beautiful and fresh in a strapless dress from the Temperley London Spring/Summer Collection 2011. Aside from her dress, her hair looked flawless. She styled her striking red hair with soft, delicate curls. What do you think of Isla’s look? 

By Taylor Fountain
Public Relations Manager 

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Hair Icon of the Moment: Natalie Portman

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, January 12, 2024

It was a busy 2010 for Natalie Portman. She recently announced her engagement and pregnancy and she has been recieving high praise for her performance in the critically acclaimed thriller Black Swan.  After seeing her frequently in the media the past few weeks, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her hair looked at every press interview or movie premiere. Portman has this ability to look flawless with minimal effort.

Portman has a talent for making the simplest hair styles look stunning. Not many people can make a bun look beautiful without being boring, but Portman manages to do just that. I love the minimalism Portman brings to her hair styles, there aren’t much to them but they consistently look flawless and sophisticated.


There’s something very charming about Portman, don’t’ you agree?


By Taylor Fountain

Public Relations Assistant 

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Holiday Party Outfits

Brazilian Gloss - Monday, November 22, 2023

It’s the holiday season again! That means it’s time to go shopping and find the perfect holiday party outfits. Try out these top holiday trends and be guaranteed to steal the spotlight!

SPARKLES! Pull this look off via the sequin blazer. It’s versatile and can be worn over a dress, cropped pants, or tights. Be brave and shine!

Your Signature LBD (Little Black Dress) but with detailing! Look for beading, pleating, or cutouts. The details are the perfect and only accessories needed to be a major knockout!

Bold Bracelets- If you decide to stick to your LBD without detailing, add a bold bracelet. It’s simple and a full-proof way to show you’re in the know on this season’s hot trend! 

Slouchy Trouser- This is the perfect way to update your outfit. Leave those skinny jeans in the closet and try on a pair of slouchy trousers. They work perfectly with a fitted blazer.  Look for a wool or pleated version a la Charlize Theron and wear them with a great set of heels.

Sweater Dress- This is the perfect selection for someone looking to be comfortable and sexy at the same time. Find one that is fitted and hugs your body. There are two ways to rock this look. Pair the long-sleeve sweater dress with black tights or a fitted belt. Both are great options!

And don’t forget the key to looking polished head to toe isn’t just about the clothes, but the hair too! Be sure to get glossed before you get the party started!

By Taylor Fountain
Public Relations Assistant  

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