New Salon Forum for Professionals!

Brazilian Gloss - Tuesday, February 23, 2024
Brazilian Gloss launches new Salon Forum for professionals! Log into the website (under Salon Professionals tab) to view this new addition. The Forum is designed so that stylists and salon owners can share ideas about Brazilian keratin straightening, ask questions, and communicate throughout the country. Participate & Enjoy!
Melissa K.
Going in next week for this - cant wait to try!
Joy Merren
I am in Miami and was wondering if there are any training classes scheduled here for March?
I wish I had found you sooner! I used to spend hours straight ironing my hair in the morning, and have tried every straightening product on the market. This stuff really works.
Martina H
I luv your product! Are you in a Northern California?
I live in Maryland and am unable to find any high-end salons in my area to willing to allow the initial treatment. However, I was able to try the after-treatment products on my 56-year-old, waist/hip length, 10-year overly treated, as in bleached, burnt & colored, super frizzy and damaged hair. Milagro! Now able to run my fingers and brush from root-to-end with no snags on now smooth and glossy hair. This is just a small sampling of what BG can do. I really want this treatment. So, I say to you, in Maryland, and all of you other stubborn stylists and salon owners, you are depriving your customers of a wonderful experience and yourself of $$$ in your pocket. Woe are you. And woe is me if I don't get that first professional treatment! And, no, I don't work for Brazilian Gloss, this is a real testimonial. I think we should all bombard our salon owners with the demand. Whaddaya think my frizzy headed friends out there?

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