Hot and Humid Blues?

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, June 22, 2023

Curly and Wavy hair grows in the heat.  Why?  The moisture in the air absorbs into the dry curly hairshaft and can virtually triple the density of the strand of hair….which is why as the days grow longer, there is more time for your hair to drink up the humidity.

We all know that curly hair is dry. Let me tell you why. Picture a curvy and windy road. Now picture a straight one. How much longer would it take you to drive to the store if you took the windy road VS the straight road?  Getting to the point, your hairs’ best natural conditioner is your scalps’ oils. Straight haired and Keratin Glossed  ladies know that their hair gets greasy fairly quickly (not a bad thing!), and most have to wash/heavily rinsed every day. Picture the curvy road again, it takes 3 times as long for those natural oils to reach those gorgeous strands of yours. In the mean time they are unprotected, dry, and crispy.


The best way to keep your locks lovely, is to shampoo less, condition more! Two to three times a week at most, if your scalp needs a good rinse, then do so. Re-moisturize (our Aftercare Masque twice a week is amazing!), and rinse lightly with tepid water. Keeping a wide tooth comb stashed in the shower to distribute conditioner, and detangle is a great trick to minimizing tangly manes when styling too!


Keep in mind, humidity weakens styling products. You may find that you have a bit of frizz mid-day then late afternoon rolls around….your hair has become twice what it once was. Add a bit of styling product (Daily Smoothing  Serum is incredible) to your palms, emulsify, and add where needed.


For those in between shampoo days, several  styles to try….

Adorable fish tail side braid to keep hair off your neck. Keep it on the messy side for a more current updated look.


Or go for a straight braid down the back. Keep it simple ladies. Not too high.  We want to look chic, not girl-ish.


Hope these tips and tricks help you on your way to a gorgeous summer.
If you would like us to answer any questions, or there is something you would like to see in our blog,
Please email us at [email protected].

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Sizzling Summer Smoooooth.....

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, June 10, 2023

As summer is coming screaming in upon us (trust me, i'm not complaining!), and most of the country is buried in a heat wave, we need to provide tools and tips for our clients to have hair success at home! Battling the frizzies, while humidity is in full force is not fun for most women~who mostly would like to have wash-n-go hairstyles, but instead are stuck blowdrying for 30+ minutes, then flatironing into submission. Only to go outside and find their hair "growing" from curl and frizz in the heat, yet again.
Here at Brazilian Gloss, we of course suggest a Keratin Glossing Treatment. It infuses the hair with keratin (which is largely what hair and nails are made of), and smoothes down the unmanageable cuticle of the hair for less tangling, and a faster drying time!
After providing this service for your client, some helpful suggestions to help keep their luscious locks glossy!

Suggest a regularly scheduled trim appointment. Freshly blunted ends make hair look extra healthy and shiny.

Send them home with Aftercare Masque, it is full of yummy panthenol, strengthening keratin, and delicious silicones and coconut oil moisturizers. Keeping the hair palette thoroughly moisturized is essential to controlling dry, frizzy do's. Tell your customer to rinse with cool-ish water to help seal in the Masque. This will keep the oils and keratin in the hair, as opposed to rinsing it fully out, which is like rinsing off lotion after you've put it on.

When your client is at home, have them squeeze, and pat their hair dry. Rubbing hair roughs up the cuticle layer of the hair. Making it slightly unmanageable. We need all the help we can get, Right Ladies???

Adding a anti-frizz product prior to styling is ideal for controlling thick manes of hair, making them manageable waves or silky tresses. Choosing the right one is essential. Obviously I am biased, but i truly love our Daily Glossing Serum. Let me tell you why. It is enriched with tress softening coconut oil. This is a big beauty buzz word these days, essential oils are huge! You must pick the correct one for your hair! Coconut oil is small molecularly, and is very low density, so it can 'get-into' the hair shaft much easier than say olive oil that has a higher density and larger molecule.Daily Glossing Serum also has added keratin to help your Glossing treatment, not only last longer ladies, but to have added 'smoothing power' to your service! All this without that icky, oily, residue filled tresses. Trust me, only delicious waves for you!

When blowdry styling, only dry the hair 'down' the hair shaft, from roots to ends. Blowing upside down, sideways, etc only created wild manes of madness. We want to smooth that cuticle layer, well that involves taking the time to dry 'down' the hair shaft. If volume is needed in a certain area, use a round brush, wrap 90% dry hair around it, and finish drying while stillblowing with the grain of the hair. Drying hair in this way will keep hair continuously shiny and gorgeously Keratin Treatment Glossy.

If you have any questions on these tips, or need ordering information, Please call us at 855.GET.GLOSS


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FAll-ing in to 2011!

Brazilian Gloss - Thursday, June 02, 2023



This Fall 2011 is coming fast, whether we like it or not, and some of the latest hairstyles are trendy, easy, and gorgeous!

For example, Katy Perry has soft, bouncy curls…Do you?  Do you want to create them?  If you have unruly curls and want them tamed, have a Brazilian Gloss™ treatment performed. It will take you up to 50% less time to dry your hair, and then simply curl with a large curling iron. For you stylists out there, this is your opportunity to tell your clients they need this service to make their lives easier. It is a great addition to a hair color treatment!


Next up…Taylor Swift went straight! WOW, what a big change from those spiral curls! Keratin treatment and the Gloss™ will make those curly locks easier to dry smooth, and flat iron straight as a pin!


For those ‘un-done’ chignons’ and polished bed-head looks, use a little Daily Glossing Serum on your Gloss™’d  lustrous locks and blow dry upside down, scrunching hair till dry.  Piece and pin them up and away, using additional Daily Glossing Serum as needed, till gorgeous! Contact us today, we will be happy to help you have a shinier, Glossier, day!


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The Causes of Damaged Hair and the Best Solutions to Fix Damaged Hair

Brazilian Gloss - Monday, November 01, 2023

There are many different causes for damaged hair and Brazilian Gloss is here to break it down for you. We hope you ultimately figure out what may be the specific cause of damage for you and how to help you get rid of it!

First of all, damaged hair must be dealt with at the root. The most important location for curing damaged hair is the root because it is the starting point for hair’s growth.

The hair is composed of three layers. Starting from the innermost layer is the medulla, the cortex and then the cuticle. The cortex is the strongest and most dense layer of a hair strand. However, if you want to get a real solution from damaged hair, you need to repair your hair all the way to the strand’s medulla.

 One of the most common causes for damaged hair is that the hair is chemically treated. Examples of this kind of harsh damage is bleach, color treatments, perms or relaxers. Chemically treated hair is so harmful because it ruins the health of the cuticle and destroys the strength of the protein bonds.

 Another common cause for damaged hair is heat damage. Examples of this kind of damage is use of blow dryers, curlers, flat irons or straighteners frequently throughout the week. Using a heating tool does create great results after use, but it is very unforgiving because it literally fries the proteins and creates split ends.

 The last cause of damaged hair is physically related. The over-grooming of hair or the use of a rough brush can ruin the structure of the protein. In addition, sun exposure can be extremely harmful to hair because chemically processed hair does not act well with ultraviolet rays. The sun can also cause the hair’s protein bonds to weaken.

To help battle against your damaged hair, it is important to know the source of your damaged hair. Once you know the source, change up your routine or use hair repair products. Always choose the right tools and make sure to moisturize! 

*GLOSS TIP* For a once-a-week damaged hair treatment, try Coco de Soleil Hair Masque. This ultra-hydrating hair masque conditions the hair so it regains natural shine, reduces frizz and feels so smooth and soft you can run your hand through it without a snag or tangle. 

Sometimes shampooing your hair too much can take away essential oils.

*GLOSS TIP* In order to keep your hair full of nutrients and essential oils, use shampoo that is sodium chloride and paraben free. This way, you can get a nice squeeky clean feel WITHOUT stripping away all the good stuff. Try using Coco de Soleil High-Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner. (They are also highly enriched in keratin to create that shiny smooth effect you thought only celebrities could achieve!) 

 Other times you can use more conditioner or for longer. Even eating foods with good, fatty acids will moisturize your hair such as salmon or flaxseed oil. It’s all about being aware of what damage your doing to your hair and taking action to prevent it in the future. 

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The Trust Factor

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, May 14, 2023

 Trust is a KEY element in the stylist and client relationship. Your clients must establish trust in order for them to keep returning to you and ONLY you for all their cuts, perms and colorings. However more than trust, you as a stylist must BELIEVE in every suggestion you give or product you use on your clients.


There are many suggestions to make and hundreds of products to use but what is the best suggestion and best product right now? Brazilian Gloss!


Brazilian Gloss is the next generation of brazilian keratin hair treatments. Creators of Brazilian Gloss studied similar keratin hair treatments and filtered out flaws and applied new benefits to the finished product. Brazilian Gloss is 100% pure and 100% safe. Brazilian Gloss will ultimately save you time and money so you and your client will see immediate results which include boost of health, shine and restoration!


With summer right around the corner, Brazilian Gloss is the PERFECT suggestion to make to your clients because beautiful summer hair is only 90 minutes away. Try out this brazilian keratin treatment as soon as possible, a product you can TRUST and BELIEVE in!

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The Story of the Scissor....

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, April 23, 2023
Stylists, imagine this...

It is another day at the salon and a client comes in asking for a keratin hair treatment, you mention Brazilian Gloss and they get super excited. They also mention they want their hair trimmed so you decide to trim her hair before performing the keratin treatment. You sit her down and reach down for your handy-dandy scissors and don't think twice about it. But maybe, you really should.

Quality really does matter.
So be sure to check these things before you pick a scissor (after all it is the tool you will use the most throughout your day!) -
  1.  Do the shears open and close smoothly?
  2. Is there good tension control? (You don't want scissors that are hard to open or close, or that can feel 'loose')
  3. Is there a warranty?
  4. Is it authentic? It is a well known standard that Japanese scissors tend to be the best so salon owners always perk their ears up when a sales person says their scissors are from Japan, but be wary of these sneaky sales tactics! Sometimes, the scissors may say JAPAN on them but really they aren't from Japan. Use your instincts and best judgment and don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions to the sales person.
  5. Is it 440 or 330 stainless steel? (440 is always best but 330 isn't too bad either but anything lower is considered lesser quality)
Stylists everywhere can agree that a good cut is what will bring clients coming back. However, you cannot give a good cut without a good pair of scissors. Clients are always very protective of their hair and so excellent attention and care must always be made! Even though they might not notice, you will know when you are using quality professional scissors because of the ease and quickness it will provide!

If you notice when cutting your client's hair that they have an abundance of split ends and damaged locks, make sure to suggest the Brazilian Gloss treatment to them! This keratin hair treatment can do wonders by adding keratin back into the hairs and filling the damaged pores to create a healthier and shinier look! Keratin is a vital protein found in hair so Brazilian Gloss' keratin enriched formula is really what helps to enhance the gloss in hair so it is frizz free and easier to manage!

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New Salon Forum for Professionals!

Brazilian Gloss - Tuesday, February 23, 2024
Brazilian Gloss launches new Salon Forum for professionals! Log into the website (under Salon Professionals tab) to view this new addition. The Forum is designed so that stylists and salon owners can share ideas about Brazilian keratin straightening, ask questions, and communicate throughout the country. Participate & Enjoy!
Melissa K.
Going in next week for this - cant wait to try!
Joy Merren
I am in Miami and was wondering if there are any training classes scheduled here for March?
I wish I had found you sooner! I used to spend hours straight ironing my hair in the morning, and have tried every straightening product on the market. This stuff really works.
Martina H
I luv your product! Are you in a Northern California?
I live in Maryland and am unable to find any high-end salons in my area to willing to allow the initial treatment. However, I was able to try the after-treatment products on my 56-year-old, waist/hip length, 10-year overly treated, as in bleached, burnt & colored, super frizzy and damaged hair. Milagro! Now able to run my fingers and brush from root-to-end with no snags on now smooth and glossy hair. This is just a small sampling of what BG can do. I really want this treatment. So, I say to you, in Maryland, and all of you other stubborn stylists and salon owners, you are depriving your customers of a wonderful experience and yourself of $$$ in your pocket. Woe are you. And woe is me if I don't get that first professional treatment! And, no, I don't work for Brazilian Gloss, this is a real testimonial. I think we should all bombard our salon owners with the demand. Whaddaya think my frizzy headed friends out there?

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Happy Holidays!

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, December 11, 2023
Everyone here at Brazilian Gloss would like to thank all of the great stylists, educators and clients that have helped to make us such a great success this year.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday with family and friends and we look forward to continuing our great partnership with you and helping to make 2010 the best year ever!


Can i buy the aftercare products online or only through my salon?

Where can I buy the Salon Starter Kits? How much is it?
I am a certified Brazilian Gloss stylist and I have to say this is the best treatment out there.
I am working at Arches Salon and was wondering how I can get one of the Salon Starter Kits? thanks!

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