The Story of the Scissor....

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, April 23, 2023
Stylists, imagine this...

It is another day at the salon and a client comes in asking for a keratin hair treatment, you mention Brazilian Gloss and they get super excited. They also mention they want their hair trimmed so you decide to trim her hair before performing the keratin treatment. You sit her down and reach down for your handy-dandy scissors and don't think twice about it. But maybe, you really should.

Quality really does matter.
So be sure to check these things before you pick a scissor (after all it is the tool you will use the most throughout your day!) -
  1.  Do the shears open and close smoothly?
  2. Is there good tension control? (You don't want scissors that are hard to open or close, or that can feel 'loose')
  3. Is there a warranty?
  4. Is it authentic? It is a well known standard that Japanese scissors tend to be the best so salon owners always perk their ears up when a sales person says their scissors are from Japan, but be wary of these sneaky sales tactics! Sometimes, the scissors may say JAPAN on them but really they aren't from Japan. Use your instincts and best judgment and don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions to the sales person.
  5. Is it 440 or 330 stainless steel? (440 is always best but 330 isn't too bad either but anything lower is considered lesser quality)
Stylists everywhere can agree that a good cut is what will bring clients coming back. However, you cannot give a good cut without a good pair of scissors. Clients are always very protective of their hair and so excellent attention and care must always be made! Even though they might not notice, you will know when you are using quality professional scissors because of the ease and quickness it will provide!

If you notice when cutting your client's hair that they have an abundance of split ends and damaged locks, make sure to suggest the Brazilian Gloss treatment to them! This keratin hair treatment can do wonders by adding keratin back into the hairs and filling the damaged pores to create a healthier and shinier look! Keratin is a vital protein found in hair so Brazilian Gloss' keratin enriched formula is really what helps to enhance the gloss in hair so it is frizz free and easier to manage!

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