The Trust Factor

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, May 14, 2023

 Trust is a KEY element in the stylist and client relationship. Your clients must establish trust in order for them to keep returning to you and ONLY you for all their cuts, perms and colorings. However more than trust, you as a stylist must BELIEVE in every suggestion you give or product you use on your clients.


There are many suggestions to make and hundreds of products to use but what is the best suggestion and best product right now? Brazilian Gloss!


Brazilian Gloss is the next generation of brazilian keratin hair treatments. Creators of Brazilian Gloss studied similar keratin hair treatments and filtered out flaws and applied new benefits to the finished product. Brazilian Gloss is 100% pure and 100% safe. Brazilian Gloss will ultimately save you time and money so you and your client will see immediate results which include boost of health, shine and restoration!


With summer right around the corner, Brazilian Gloss is the PERFECT suggestion to make to your clients because beautiful summer hair is only 90 minutes away. Try out this brazilian keratin treatment as soon as possible, a product you can TRUST and BELIEVE in!

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