Bold Hair Colors and Cuts for Fall

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, October 06, 2023

As the fall season comes rushing in and the rain makes its mark on our hair, we all need a little inspiration to work with the weather. The fall always brings in some great hairstyles and colors to try. Check out these hairstyles and go make that appointment with your hairstylist!

The Pixie is all the rage. It’s a great option for someone with loose, brittle, and damaged hair.  Celebrities like Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan are giving it a try. This haircut has become a classic; it’s easy to maintain and can be styled in multiple ways. If this is too drastic of a change, fixing that brittle hair is easy. Use the Brazilian Gloss Glossing Serum. It will transform that damaged hair into soft, frizz-free strands. 

The opposite trend of the pixie this fall is extra-long layers. Think Kim Kardashian. Kim has super long hair but what gives her hair the WOW factor is having long, uniform layers that give it a luxe, controlled movement. The look is best for someone with thick hair, naturally or with the help of extensions.  Fine hair looks straggly with too many layers. If you are looking to thicken your hair and make it healthy, try the Brazilian Gloss After Care Treatment Masque.

Hair colors are making a statement this season. Ombre seems to be the most popular. It features deep chestnut roots that fade to a tawny medium brown. Rachel Bilson is a fan. It’s one of the most requested looks in the salon this fall.  It works for any hair color but is best on blondes. 

Emma Stone is not only making statement in her movies but in her hair as well. She’s best known for her auburn look and pale skin.  This spicy red color is best for fair skin with pinkish undertones. Be bold!


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Easy and Glamorous Hair Styles!

Brazilian Gloss - Tuesday, October 05, 2023

Once the alarm rings in the morning, here goes your typical daily routine. Brush your teeth, take a shower, put on an outfit and drive to work! With so many responsibilities for the day, it has become so difficult for women to care about what they look like. There simply is not enough time in the morning rush to spend time on your appearance. 

But the truth is, you should care and you should take the time to look your best! In order to look your absolute best without taking all the time in the world, Brazilian Gloss is here to give three easy hair styles for women who are on-the-go! Especially with keratin treatments, hair is easy to manage and maintain so these looks can take little to no time at all to complete! 

1.  The top-knot. It’s a classy and easy look that will look great for any day of the week. After a shower, let your hair air dry. Then, comb through a little bit of serum so that you hair will slick back. Lastly, use a hair tie to hold your twisted bun together. You’ve just completed a quick and professional look!

2.  The super-sized braid. It’s a trendy and simple look that can be achieved instantly. After a shower, let your hair air dry. Then, divide your hair into three and braid all the way down to your ends. Lastly, use a hair tie to hold your braid together. You’ve just completed a beautiful and bold braid! Use the Coco de Soleil Daily Glossing Serum to tame those fly aways! 

3.  The bump-up. It’s a hairstyle that has made a unique way into fall hairstyles. After a shower, blow-dry your hair. Then, tease your hair with a comb at the center of your head where you want volume. Tease your hair by applying hair spray in the areas you desire volume and comb your hair up and down near the roots to create the effect. Lastly, check your hair one last time to see if there are any inconsistencies or flat areas that you can retouch. You’ve just completed a cute and classy bump-up!

These fall hair trends are easy and quick for women on-the-go! Looking your finest doesn’t require much effort or time at all. Try these hair styles after a Brazilian Gloss keratin hair treatment. Working with your hair after it has been nourished with keratin from a Brazilian treatment will only make your hair look absolutely amazing! 

Madeline Lyra
I had the Brazilian Gloss done today and my hair is beautiful!!!
Madeline Lyra
Amazing Results. Love it, my hair is very curly and frizzy, I had the Brazilian Gloss on October 5th., of this year, my hair is really shiny, soft & smooth, much better conditions, love it.

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