Tis the Season to be Glossy

Brazilian Gloss - Wednesday, November 17, 2023

It’s finally the long awaited holiday season!

With the weather becoming colder and the smiles getting bigger, the holiday cheer is merrier than ever. During the holiday season, it’s all about family time, parties and resolutions. It is definitely the perfect time to get a Brazilian Gloss treatment done!

Imagine yourself with one of your closest friends getting your hair treated while catching up over the months you haven’t been able to see each other. Since the Brazilian Gloss treatment only takes 90 minutes and lasts up to 12 weeks, there is a perfect opportunity to dine together after and enjoy your fabulous results. With a long winter break, it’s the best time to enjoy, relax and make the most of your free time!

Imagine yourself at the season’s biggest and most lavish holiday party. Many of your friends or loved ones will be in attendance, probably people you want to impress. There will be tons of pictures taken and you should be sure to look your absolute best. It’s about looking good and feeling good on your appearance when out at parties!

Imagine yourself looking into the mirror and feeling the most burnt out you have ever felt. The long hours of work during week times months of hard work equals the time for restoration. It’s extremely important to put yourself first and go all out for once. Make a resolution to treat yourself to something special by doing something nice like getting the Brazilian Gloss treatment done!

The Brazilian Gloss treatment makes a great gift for your friends, family or loved ones!

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