My Brazilian Gloss Treatment by Tammy Lee

Brazilian Gloss - Friday, November 19, 2023

November 10, 2010  was a big day for my hair. I finally got the Brazilian Gloss treatment done! It was an amazing experience with an easy and quick process that created a result that I absolutely love!

First, I want everyone to know what kind of hair I have. To give you a little background, mine is as virgin as virgin hair gets. I’m talking about no flat-ironing, hardly any blow drying, no use of creams, mousses or sprays, no perming, nothing. The biggest damage I ever inflicted on my locks was a wave perm in 7th grade which I regret so much. I have had a huge fear damage since then and my hair was literally dead for probably two years. But I’m in what, 14th grade now? I occasionally curl my hair but that happens maybe once every two weeks. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything to my hair. Point is my hair was in pretty good shape already.

But my hair did have its flaws and the flaws that my hair had really did bother me. My ends were extremely dry and felt dead. The natural color of my hair started black at my roots and faded into a brown at my tips. I hated that. To me, my hair looked like I hadn’t gotten my hair colored brown again when in reality I’ve never colored my hair in my life. At my tips, my hair the natural shine and lacquer was nonexistent. My tips were basically extremely damaged and held a lot of frizz and tangle. I guess you can say the change I really wanted to see after the Brazilian Gloss treatment was the end area of my hair strands.

When I was told I was getting the treatment done I was ecstatic! I started out by shampooing my hair twice to take out impurities and excess oil. My hair smelled so good already. Then I had my hair blessed with the gloss and blow dried then flat-ironed to seal the gloss into my strands. To be completely honest, this is the hardest part of the process. For the stylist, blow drying the entire head of hair, for the client, just sitting there waiting for the next step. Right after the flat-ironing is complete, I washed my hair then applied the masque and voila! The wait was definitely worth the end results!

I was so surprised. I really wasn’t expecting much because my hair is virgin. But now my hair finally has shine from root to tip. My hair has more density and body which I really wanted and needed! My hair is softer and smoother to the touch and view and the color is completely consistent. As an intern, the results I’ve been tweeting about, Facebooking about, and blogging about now finally mean something to me.

The Brazilian Gloss experience I had was amazing! I love my hair so much and I cannot recommend or praise about it enough! Brazilian Gloss is love!

By Tammy Lee
Brazilian Gloss Public Relations Intern 

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